Nomination Committee
The Annual General Meeting adopted principles for the establishment of a new Nomination Committee in accordance with the proposal of Nomination Committee. The principles correspond to the principles resolved by the Annual General Meeting 2014.The Chairman of the Board shall be a member of the committee, and is mandated to contact the Company’s three largest shareholders according to the register of shareholders as per the end of September 2014, to ask them to appoint one representative each to constitute the Nomination Committee for the period until another Nomination Committee has been appointed. The representative of the largest shareholder shall be the Chairman of the Nomination Committee. The Chairman shall as soon as possible and no later than 6 months before the Annual General Meeting in 2015 to inform the Company of the names of the members of the committee.

The Nomination Committee formed for the Annual General Meeting 2015 is as folllows: Joon Hee Won representing (Aurora Ltd) ,Joon Chung (Solid Technologies Ltd), Antonio Mugica (Goldeigen Kapital) and Jörgen Durban. 

The Nomination Committee shall prepare and present to the Annual General Meeting 2015 proposals for the following issues:

1. Chairman at the Annual General Meeting
2. Chairman and other Members of the Board
3. Fees to the Board of Directors
4. Election of Auditors
5. Fees to the Auditors
6. The Nomination Committee in respect of the Annual General Meeting 2016

The company is obliged to inform the shareholders of the proposals by the Nomination committee as soon as it becomes aware of the proposals