The AP-701 delivers all the digital pen performance for which Anoto is famous, in an elegantly thin and comfortable form factor. Design and manufacturing innovations permit us to deliver this breakthrough pen at a low price that is enabling our partners and customers to deploy Anoto technology more widely than ever before.

“It’s not a pen. It’s a precision instrument.” - Professor Randall Davis, MIT

 Key Benefits

  • Thin and light for comfortable all-day use
  • Always ready with a battery offering 10 hours of continuous writing time and 10 days of standby time 
  • Easy to connect as needed with dual-mode Bluetooth support (classic & LE) plus USB 2.0+
  • Fully compatible with Anoto's forms software 
  • Simple for software developers to integrate using SDKs available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Adaptable to most use cases with both online streaming and offline storage modes
  • Secured with data encryption
  • Powerful and precise with timestamp data from the real-time clock reported 75 times per second along with pressure data captured by a calibrated tip-switch sensor

 Technical Specifications
(Some of the below values will change over the life of the pen and will vary among use cases.)




4 MB

Built-in battery

Lithium polymer (rechargeable)

Writing time (continuous)

10 hours

Standby time

10 days

Charging time from empty

1 hour with full-power USB 


Bluetooth 4.1 dual mode (classic & LE) plus USB 2.0+

Operating temperature range

0°C to 40°C / 32°F to 104°F

User feedback

RGB LED and buzzer

Frames per second


Ink cartridge

Zebra D-1 black ballpoint with 1 mm nib


18 grams

Dimensions (with cap)

152.5 mm (L) x 16.4 mm (D)

Dimensions (without cap)

150 mm (L) x 10.5 mm (D)

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