Anoto Live™ forms the perfect digital writing platform

This solution offers paper document handling and business process automation.

With a digital pen and paper printed with Anoto’s pattern, it captures handwritten information as digital data and automate document processing to improve efficiency. It helps to automate any paper-based process where there is clear benefit in having faster access to and visibility of the handwritten data, or where loss or delay of paperwork can cause a negative financial, social or regulatory impact to business.

This proven solution is ideal for any industries where using expensive equipment, like laptops or tablets, may be risky or intimidating. Using pen and paper is very ubiquitous, less intrusive and more user friendly than other mediums.


  • Paper is still a key form factor for data collection - simple, cost effective and quick to implement

  • Legal precedence has not kept pace with the digital world - written signature vs digital signature

  • Processing of paper based information is costly - data re-keying and slow corrective measures

  • Unable to audit resulting in lost information - lost opportunities and poor customer satisfaction

Anoto Workflow

How it Works

  • Upload your existing business forms as PDFs into the Anoto Live™ forms platform
  • Define fields to be interpreted as computer data
  • Print your forms (view printing requirements), or supply your files to certified printing companies for large volume printing or if you require specific finishing
  • Complete your forms using the Anoto Digital Pen, which digitizes and stores any handwritten information
  • Transmit completed information via USB to your PC, or by using a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.
  • The data is converted into a PDF and translated into various computer data formats
  • Add additional data, photos, GPS coordinates, barcodes, voice files, etc. via mobile phone


  • Eliminate data loss - faster and accurate processing

  • Extend the life of current processes - cost effective, little or no re-training, high adoption by users

  • Improve traceability - more connections, more communication

  • Reduce sales to billing cycle - improve cash flow

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