Anoto Microdot PatterN

Anoto software modules convert virtually any surface into a "digital surface"

Almost invisible to the naked eye, the patented Anoto Microdot Pattern consists of numerous intelligent black microdots that can be read by the “eye” of the Anoto Live™  Digital Pen.

When captured through the pen’s built-in optic lens, the pattern indicates the exact position of the digital pen as it moves across the surface. These snapshots are taken up to 100 times per second and ensure fast and accurate data capture every time.



Do you see what the pen sees? Probably not

Almost any surface can be easily digitized with the Anoto Microdot Pattern. This pattern ensures the pen accurately captures any written information as digital data that can be transmitted, processed and accessed instantly. That is writing live.

From paper to computer screens, tablets to walls,  Anoto has pen tips that suit any surface equipped with our Microdot Pattern.  Providing easy-to-use, intuitive, reliable, and durable digital pens for an array of purposes and environments.

The magic of microdots… the pattern indicates precise position

Each tiny area of the microdot pattern has a unique combination of microdots with different reference positions. When the user writes on the surface, the digital pen captures information about what the user writes and where, by registering the pattern near the pen tip. The information is saved in the pen electronically and is immediately ready to be sent or downloaded as digital data.

A picture is worth thousands of words, and a whole lot of time and money. Digitally capture every pen stroke, ensuring speed, accuracy and savings.

Digital paper becomes on-site reference

Anoto Live™  Digital Pen technology allows information to be simultaneously recorded in both written and electronic form.

For example, once a paper has fulfilled its role in digitizing handwritten text, it becomes a conventional paper copy, and it can be left at the job site for reference or as a receipt, when required.

Using Anoto Live™  Digital Pen technology also eliminates the possibility of losing important written information in the time lag between writing on site and manually inputting the data on a system back at the office.

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