Anoto’s innovative approach enables companies to leverage existing working practices while embracing a world leading data capture technology


Using digital pen and paper you can:

  • Write notes or messages

  • Complete a form

  • Design a picture or drawn an image

Digital paper is just ordinary paper with an Anoto Microdot Pattern.  As you write or draw the digital pen takes up to 70 images per second, each stroke digitally recorded using a small digital camera.

These images are stored as data with the precise position of the pen within the digital pen's memory and labelled with a time stamp.  Once connected to a PC or linked via Bluetooth to a mobile phone, the data is transformed into digital text and can be distributed to a web server, imported into a database or saved to your PC and shared via a network or emailed.


Modern technology with a familiar feel that writes in the same way as any ballpoint pen, and even has a standard ink refill.   The digital pen conceals technology that includes, a camera, memory chip, battery microprocessor and a Bluetooth receiver. 

Being able to capture, store and securely send handwritten information ensures speed, accuracy and savings and eliminates the need for scanning or the re-keying of information.

Every digital pen has a unique pen ID, which is included every time data is sent from the pen. The pen data also includes details on the specific paper form and page. All captured data is retained in the pen’s memory. The digital pen can store up to 50 full A4/Letter size pages of handwritten data.


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Almost any surface can be easily digitised with the Anoto Microdot Pattern, numerous intelligent black microdots that are almost invisible to the naked eye. The patented Anoto Microdot Pattern when added to paper has a unique combination of dots that enables the digital pen to capture every stroke and identifies the precise location.  

The digital pen digitises handwritten information from the moment you put pen to paper for precision data capture of any written information or drawn images.


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With the flexibility of Anoto Microdot Pattern, how digital writing technology is implemented in your business depends on your current workflow processes.

Standard forms can be simply be created, digitised and stored using our software platform. Forms are printed to a high quality printing specification, so the form that you complete is a paper copy of the actual digital form. Information can simultaneously recorded in both written and electronic form , allowing for a conventional paper copy to be left at the job site for reference or as a receipt .

Digital pens also work with Apple iPhones and iPads, as our software is iOS compatible. Forms once created can be sent to print on paper or opened on an Apple or Android tablet, allowing for more than one input device.

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