Here are some of the uses cases that, based on market feedback, we consider most compelling.

  • Interactive paper
    Integrating ADNA into newspapers, children's stories, and books gives users the opportunity to enjoy the traditional convenience of paper and all the interactive power of digital. By simply scanning the ADNA on a page with their mobile gadget users are able to enjoy supplemental information, audio, and videos. This content can be personalized for them creating a blended experience surpassing anything currently available.

  • Sweepstakes & lotteries
    Integrating ADNA into sweepstake and lottery tickets offers new excitement, insight, and security. 

  • Interactive products
    ADNA has the power to make mass-produced products personal. One toy among many millions can now be unique. This ability can enhance user engagement and deliver important consumer insights.  

  • Supply chain tracking
    Just as customers need to feel confident in products, companies need to feel confident about every element of the supply chain that delivers those products. Applying ADNA to individual components at their point of origin and strategically scanning those components at various points in the chain, delivers an enhanced level of control. This greater control has both legal and financial benefits that, in certain instances, make this application of ADNA incredibly valuable.

  • Counterfeit detection & product safety
    When we’re buying expensive items or items for which purity is particularly important, we want to feel confident that we are buying genuine products. When customers are scanning ADNA in retail locations those events populate a backend database. Running detection analytics on that database can trigger an alert when identical ADNA is scanned in two different retail locations. Think of this approach as similar to the fraud detection algorithms used by credit card companies. This detection approach can make a valuable contribution to the other tools currently used to keep customers feeling confident in the integrity of products.

  • Marketing insights
    From a product innovation perspective this ability to uniquely identify items makes it possible to deliver content and experiences that have the benefit of historical knowledge. Knowing, on a cumulative basis, who has interacted with what, and where and when that interaction occurred, is powerful in the hands of inspired product managers. That power makes it possible to delight customers in previously unattainable ways and to intelligently cross-sell in appreciated ways. We all tend to love products that seem to just get us. The net result is increased revenue, increased customer loyalty, stronger word-of-mouth, and arguably, lower customer acquisition costs.

    Marketing insights include an aggregation of the valuable data mentioned above but they can also extend back in the customer journey to better understand the entire path-to-purchase. In retail settings, customer engagement with ADNA empowered items in-store can help to inform a better understanding of things like trade areas. When a customer uses their phone to read a product’s ADNA in a store and then subsequently the same phone is used to read that same ADNA in a different location, we can build up important insights. By combining all of the available data elements we learn a lot about shopping patterns and this exposes important ways to both increase revenue and better serve customers. 

Explore some of these use cases now with the help of the ADNA Discovery app.