If you love your first ADNA experience, please tell us and maybe share a bit about the use cases that most inspire you. If the demo app doesn’t play nicely for you or you just don’t get the whole ADNA thing, please also let us know. We can take it!

If you have an ADNA project to discuss please drop us a note with the following information and we will do our very best to respond to you as soon as possible. Please understand that we will give timing priority to enquiries suggesting immediate commercial relevance.

  • Your possible use cases
  • Timing and scope of your project
  • Contact information including company background

All communication regarding ADNA can be directed to ADNA.team@Anoto.com.

Please note that as a publicly traded company we’re not in a position to selectively share information regarding any future plans we have for ADNA that are material to the value of the company. Please kindly refrain from writing to the ADNA team in pursuit of these insights. Thanks!